Tom Anderson fills the Shoes of a Five-Star Marketing Director

Hire a Marketing Consultant with creativity, insight and pragmatic business sense.

From £950 per month

What Tom Anderson can do for you

Tom Anderson will work with you or your team for seven hours a month and undertake various assignments.

As a Marketing Consultant, Tom will perform more of a Marketing Director-type role rather than a Marketing Manager, and his insight will be to the overall benefit of the company rather than a single department.

Tom Anderson is a 30-year-old high-achieving business graduate. He has expanded the digital agency fivefold, incorporated it in the US and has recently spearheaded a management buyout to become a co-owner of Web Windows Marketing Limited. Tom started as trainee eight years ago having graduated from Leeds with a business management degree. He has lived on a strict diet of internet marketing ever since.

Six Primary Functions of Marketing Consultant

Appraise critical elements of your marketing mix

Recommend the most effective marketing tools

Identify ways to increase competitive advantage

Suggest sensible budget parameters needed for each task

Set KPIs & marketing goals with realistic timescales

Media planning and buying across online and traditional media

Tom’s Area of Expertise:
Digital Marketing

Marketing consultants with credible marketing knowledge and proven track record are a rare breed. And it’s easy to see why. A good marketing executive has the ability to transform a business’s profits and in doing so, justify a six-figure salary.

The problem many marketing directors now face is that the marketing rulebook keeps getting re-written. Anything that was studied more than five years ago is almost worthless. With the ever-increasing importance of the Internet affecting every business, a new breed of marketer has come to prominence.

Tom Anderson understands most areas of digital marketing and with just a few hours of his time each month, he will direct you towards a more successful marketing strategy.

The Hiring Process

Schedule a meeting
Let us know you might be interested in hiring Tom. A face-to-face meeting can be arranged either at your office or ours in Peterborough.
Complete a discovery questionnaire prior to the meeting to give him some insight into various aspects of your business and its market.
Agree task list
During the meeting, Tom will suggest areas where he can be put to best use. The agreed task list will form the basis of his proposal.
Detailed proposal
Tom will provide a complete breakdown as to what needs to be done on a monthly basis to achieve your business goals and objectives.
Set milestones
An action will map out what and when the marketing work will be done. Review dates will be set to ensure the work keeps on track.

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